Please note: I do not work for or contract with LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc in any way.

Training seminars conducted both live onsite and web-based via Skype and WebEx. Emphasis on college graduate job search preparation.

  • Training on personal social media branding in a GIG economy.
  • LinkedIn profile and keyword strategy building seminars.
  • Training on understanding the recruitment process; to include sourcing, process control, rate negotiation, and interview preparation for the job seeker or staffing professionals.
  • Training on how to properly establish your profile online to get companies to call you.
  • Strategic network building techniques through network building, groups, associations, and posting strategy.
  • Social media reporting, analysis, and strategic corrective actions.
  • Resume writing workshops and interview preparation.
  • Search engine page rank strategy development and repair.
  • Training on goal achievement in high-stress environments.
  • Training on how to handle online harassment and identify fake recruiter profiles.
  • Social media passive business development techniques.
  • Understanding the resume black hole and how to work around it.

LinkedIn Training

  • Basic LinkedIn Training
  • LinkedIn Training For Sales and Marketing
  • LinkedIn For Accountants
  • LinkedIn For Insurance Professionals
  • LinkedIn Training for contractors
  • LinkedIn Training For Job Seekers
  • LinkedIn Training For Recruiters
  • LinkedIn Training For networking
  • LinkedIn Training For Engineers
  • LinkedIn Training For Presidents of the United States.
  • Twitter Training For Presidents of the United States

All of the above classes are customized for each client.



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