Thomas Landers LinkedIn Tip: How to view profiles of 3rd connections in LinkedIn for free using Google image search.

Ah ha

LinkedIn is all about connections and controlling those connections that you can view by who your connected too. You can pay for an upgrade and get the opportunity to try to introduce yourself but who wants to do that, not me.

As Recruiters and Business Development professionals, we have all run into situations using LinkedIn that we have exhausted our personal network. We start getting 3rd level connection results that have abbreviated information or an incomplete name. If you’re trying to locate a person in a specific market with a specific skill set most people stop there and focus on the next contact they can easily find.

I have a secret, it’s called Google Image search. If the contact your attempting to reach has a photo we have one other chance to beat LinkedIn at its own game and access data that lives on the web for free.

Don’t think it’s possible, I’ll show you how.

Google will search the internet and return the results of that photo posted anywhere on the web. Chances are it will return the full name of the person you are looking for. Thinks that is cool and want to learn more watch this brief video. Don’t forget to subscribe to for future updates and cool tricks.


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