Identity Theft

Millions of people were impacted by the Equifax data breach. What should I do to my LinkedIn profile or other social media accounts to protect myself?

Millions of people were recently impacted by the breach of personal data held by Equifax one of the 3 major credit agencies. Credit agencies are organizations that collect personal information related to individuals and provides that information to credit card companies or financial institutions for establishing loans credit etc. These organizations have a complete history all your current credit payment history information, your previous address history, your social security numbers, loan amounts payment history and more. Enough information for these criminals to impersonate you and ruin your financial future.

What you need to do now.

Life Lock

It can go without saying that this is a very big deal for all of us. First, my concern is that many of us simply have too much personal information online.  Unfortunately, these criminals now not only have your personal credit history and social security number they can also very easily get your work history, birthdate, email information, Facebook profile, cell phone information and more from the social media outlets that you use. Scary, I know.

Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from having your identity stolen.

  1. Don’t use your actual birthdate online. Ever.
  2. Limit what search engines will display outside of the LinkedIn platform.
  3. Limit posting social media posts while you are on vacation save it for when you return home.
  4. Protect your computer and smartphone with strong, up-to-date security software. Use 2 step verification where ever possible.
  5. Learn to spot spam and scams.
  6. Use strong passwords. Consider using a password generator to create something these criminals can’t profile you with.
  7. Monitor your credit scores.
    1. Equifax
    2. Experian
    3. Transunion
  8. Review your credit score and verify that activity is yours.
  9. Freeze your credit.

Taking these steps will help to minimize your exposer to criminals trying to steal your identity. If you want to know more send a request below.


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