Google Voice

Choosing your Google number

Google Voice lets you choose a new phone number that stays with you, not a device or location. Your Google Voice number won’t be your exisiting mobile device or landline number; you select a new number when signing up, which you can use for all your phones.

Ready to sign up for Google Voice? Here’s how the process works, and some tips for choosing and setting up your number (click on the blue links for information about each step):

  1. Go      to the Google Voice      website and sign in using your Google      account. (If you don’t have a Google account you can create one.
  2. You’ll      be prompted to choose whether you want a new number or you want to use      your existing number. Choose I want a new number. Learn more about      the difference between the two options:
    • I       want to use my mobile number:      lets you do one of the following:
    • Port your number        into Google:        Number porting is a feature in which your existing mobile number will        become your Google Voice number.
    • (Sprint        Users Only) Use your Sprint        number with Google Voice:        Your Sprint mobile number functions as your Google Voice number. You can        take advantage of all of Google Voice’s features without having to get a        brand new number.
    • I       want a new number:       This lets you choose a new Google number that you can set up to work with       up to six different phones.

If you sign up for a Google number you can still set up Google voicemail for your mobile devices

  1. Search      for your new Google number and once you’ve chosen one click Continue.      Tips for finding a new Google number

Search for a Google Voice number in our database by area code or zip code. You can also enter a word or phrase you’d like to include in the number, and we’ll show you available numbers that match your criteria (for example, if your name is ‘Paul’ you can search for available Google numbers with ‘Paul’ within the number).

Some users like to choose a number located in their area code, while others choose a Google number local to their family or friends so these contacts can make a local call that rings a long distance phone.

Our goal is to offer numbers from nearly every area code in the U.S. We’re expanding this footprint frequently, so if your area code is currently unavailable, please check the Google Voice site for updates.

  1. Choose      a PIN to use to retrieve your messages and access your Google Voice      settings from any phone.
  1. Enter      a forwarding phone number (this is the phone that will ring when someone      calls your Google Voice number) and select a type from the ‘Phone type’      drop-down menu. Learn more about how forwarding phone numbers work

If someone calls your Google Voice number, you can have up to six different phones to ring, including your work, mobile, and home phones. You can set custom voicemail greetings and call rules for your different contacts. Find out more about the basics of Google Voice and how it works.

  1. Verify      your phone. You’ll see a numerical code along with a Call Me Now      button. When you click the button, we’ll call your forwarding phone and      ask you to enter the code on the screen so we know the phone number you      gave us is the right one.

Congratulations! Your Google number is all set up. You can choose to add more phones to forward to or take a look around the Google Voice inbox.