Get a LinkedIn Power Profile & Get Great Results

By: Tom Landers

LinkedIn profile:

Hey Sales teams, would you want managers that need your help calling you? It’s pretty nice when a manager calls you up and say’s “I have an approved budget to hire someone can you get me people?”

There is nothing better than getting a note like this through LinkedIn and its all for free:


Are you interested in supporting (client name) to find a chemical process engineer?

The candidate would be able to do multiple tasks in the areas of lab testing, computer process control and manufacturing for an exciting green tech company.

Let me know your thoughts on helping us and success fee?


You too can get the same inquiries by making the right choices of what information you present in your profile.

How I do it:

  • LinkedIn is not a resume database
  • Use your profile to advertise the solutions you offer to companies seeking your services
  • If your profile reads like a resume you’re not being found, PERIOD.

LinkedIn is a marketing tool to promote what you do and the solutions you offer potential customers. When people are on LinkedIn seeking the help they can’t possibly find you UNLESS you make the right choices on the information contained in your profile.

Ron landed on my profile page and it told him that I can help and he reached out to me. You can get these inquiries also and it’s simple.

  • Make your profile keyword rich.
  • Tell them what you do, who you do it with, and quickly
  • Connect with anyone relevant to your market vertical, build your network.
  • Interact, send out job notices, interesting industry articles


  • Since I changed my profile a number of visitors to my page went from 60 per week to over 240 per week and has remained at that level since.
  • This is the 4th unsolicited inquiry of a manager that needs help with an approved budget.
  • This is also the 4th client that contacted me via LinkedIn that I did not have an existing relationship with.
  • Branding – These managers now know me and that I can help.
  • This free activity creates a direct path to new revenue we would otherwise miss.

Make these changes = more business for you.

Want to know more, interested in learning how you can do this also?

By: Tom Landers  Make the change today!