LinkedIn – Customize your Profile page’s Website listings for optimum marketing

LinkedIn – Customize your Profile page’s Website listings for optimum marketing

When placing your website URL’s on your LinkedIn profile you have a few options to choose from. There is a selection of generic options I.E. Personal website, Company web site, Blog, RSS Feed, Portfolio or OTHER.

1st – Select Profile

2nd – Edit Profile

3rd – Next to the Website icon select Edit.

At the top you will see “Choose..” and white boxes to the right .

Select “Other”  then enter the custom URL such as “Kelly Services” or any name that you choose and then place the URL ” ” in the space to the right of that.

Also notice that you can enter additional information in to the 3 other sections as well.

  1. Interests here you can add personal interests such as  – management training, new technology, investing, fishing, snowboarding etc. This field could include a some things that interest you professionally or personally. examples: Corporate financial reporting, Six Sigma manufacturing, extreme programming, digital photography, community theater, professional networking, usability research, marathon running, international travel, gourmet cooking, skiing, strategic planning, architectural history, reading novels, playing violin organizational development. Remember use commas to separate the values.
  1. Groups and associations – Kiwanis, IEEE, Product Marketing Association – Add any groups or associations that you participate in. These may be organizations, associations, networking groups or volunteer organizations. Rotary, National Education Association, Urban Land Institute, Direct Marketing Association, Arizona Sales Professionals, American Medical Association, Boston Biotech Association, Habitat for Humanity
  1. Honors & Awards- Enterprise Software Salesperson of the Year, 2010 Patent awarded — “Cool management tool”, 2011 Green Apple Award for Teaching, 2007 Who’s Who in America, 1996-2009

And that’s it your done!

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